Effective communication with your clients or customers is paramount in any business, and there is no better way than by video..

The production process doesn’t end at the conclusion of the shoot. Creative and meticulous editing can make all the difference when it comes to customer engagement. We are experts at making videos that impress. Whether for training, information exchange, or promotion.

Attention grabbing and informative videos are proven to capture interest and grow revenue.

How you present, in voice, dress and setting, influence the way you are perceived by clients. To achieve a highly professional result we start by clearly understanding your primary purpose. We establish who you are targeting and evolve the theme, look and duration accordingly. 

We can assist with script writing and presentation techniques to ensure that your messages are succinct and engaging.

Once we are well prepared - then and only then, can the shoot be successful.

Our diverse selection of backdrops and props can be curated to ensure your messaging and imagery reflect how you wish to be perceived - dramatic, sublime, powerful, sedate - whatever it may be!

Give us the opportunity to help you create high-quality, cost-effective, and compelling videos that inspire.

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Video Production
Video Production



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Video Production
Video Production


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Corporate video production can ensure that your brand stands out from your competitors. Our video production team at VERAS will work closely with your business to develop ideas and produce outstanding corporate videos to wow your clients and draw in a wider audience.

The essence of any corporate video production is faithfully capturing your brand’s message and representing it with high-quality imagery and sound. Veras takes a methodical approach to this by working closely with your company to understand what makes it tick and the type of audience you want to appeal to. Since every brand has its own needs, we tailor our services to each client that we work with, providing full-service video production that fulfils every need.

Corporate video production is one of our specialisations. Having worked with many retailers, brands, agencies, and boutiques, we understand what it takes to highlight your products and services and create videos that can be used in a variety of different locations. No matter if you’re an online retailer or a local business, you can leverage our exceptional video production teams to create outstanding videos for your company.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple demo or a catchy advertisement for your latest product, VERAS offers a comprehensive selection of video production services to help you achieve your goals.

VERAS operates a large well-equipped studio in the West Village Heritage Precinct. With a plethora of props and staff on hand, we can use our space to film virtually any kind of production that you require us to. With stunning nearby locations just around the corner, we can also account for outdoor shots and locations.

Our experts at VERAS can make full use of the technology, props, and features that we have in our studio to create outstanding video productions. Whether you’re interested in coming down to our studio for filming or if you want to outsource the entire production, we’re more than happy to make use of all of the resources we have on hand.


Corporate Video Production
Corporate Video Production


Looking to shoot a video at your premises or a location of your choice? Veras is more than happy to send its experienced video production team to your location to use it as a backdrop for the video production services that you’re looking for. This is perfect for product shots when something is too big, but it can also be used to film your location for commercials, training videos, interviews, and other similar productions.

No matter where you are in Brisbane, our team at VERAS is more than happy to travel to your location with our fully-equipped team so that we can create beautiful productions that represent your brand and business.

Corporate Video Production

About to launch a new product but still don’t have a promotional video? VERAS can help you with that. We take a comprehensive approach to filming promotional videos because we believe in fully analysing a product or service and understanding how it’s used before we even brainstorm ideas. We also make sure to understand your audience so we can appeal to them with your promotional video.

Of course, if you already have ideas then we’re more than happy to work with the criteria that you set us. Our flexible team of creatives is always up for a challenge and we’re proud of our ability to mould our video production services to your exact needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and share your ideas so we can help you create stunning promotional videos for your business.


Corporate Video Production


Demonstration videos are extremely useful for companies that are looking to create guides for their various products and services. They can also be used to demonstrate processes within the workplace, such as educating workers on how to use a specific piece of machinery. These demonstration videos are made to be informative and educational, and that’s something VERAS has plenty of experience in.

We can help you produce demonstration videos for virtually anything. Be it instructions on how to carry out work processes or a quick guide on how to use your products, we’re confident that we can help you create insightful and educational demonstration videos to be used in many different circumstances.

Corporate Video Production

When advertising a new product, video can be one of the best ways to entice your audience and help your product stick in their minds. But what exactly makes a good product video? At VERAS, we focus on creating remarkable product videos with a focus on engagement and professionalism without seeming overly complicated or cryptic. Our experienced team of video production creatives has filmed and produced plenty of product videos in the past, giving us the confidence we need to uplift your product and accurately showcase it to a wider audience. 

If you want your product video in a certain style then our creative team at VERAS would be more than happy to work to your desired specification. Don’t hesitate to speak with us today to learn more about our video production services and how we can tailor our creative process to you.


Corporate Video Production
Corporate Video Production


With more and more people launching eCommerce businesses, the demand for eCommerce videos has risen drastically. Instead of using basic stock footage for your eCommerce products, why not create fully personalised videos that can showcase your products in a way that sets you apart from the competition?

By focusing on your brand and showing your products in a real use case, we can elevate your brand above other eCommerce businesses to help you stand out as a company that can be trusted. With short, informative, and professionally produced eCommerce videos, your business can stand out from the rest of the competition.

Looking to showcase your eCommerce products with help from a model? We’d be more than happy to help you film multi-formatted on-model video and imagery to help your eCommerce store stand out from the rest of the competition. You’ll also be able to take full control of your own shoot with our Live machine, powered by a simple-to-use iPad Pro application.

Corporate Video Production


While filming and producing video is a strong point of VERAS, we also have a talented team of 3D visual effects artists that can help you create a stunning animated video. Whether it’s simple motion graphics in your brand video or an animated advertisement, Veras has the tools and expertise to help you create something beautiful that will captivate your audience.

3D animation can be used to great effect in many different ways. Some companies use it to showcase cross-sections of their products to give their audience a better understanding of how it’s made or what it’s made from, while others can use 3D effects to create eye-catching videos. Whatever your needs for 3D animation are, get in touch with Veras today and we’ll help bring your ideas to life.

Corporate Video Production

One of the most effective ways to train new staff is to use video. Instructional training videos can help you save time, money and also reduce the chances of accidents happening in the workplace. They can be used as a quick reference by your staff if they have forgotten a particular process, or they can be used as training materials for new hires. Training videos are versatile and can continue providing value for a long period of time.

At VERAS, we’ve helped countless businesses produce educational training videos that have saved a lot of time and money. Whether you’d like to use your own staff or want to hire actors for your training video productions, we’re more than happy to listen to and understand your needs before we start filming.


Corporate Video Production


Interview videos can be an effective way to get responses from people about your product, business, or anything else. With our mobile team of video production experts, we can be at any location in and around Brisbane to capture genuine interview videos for your brand. These interviews can then be edited to your liking, or even provided to you in full for your own purposes.

Our production team at Veras is well-equipped for any style of interview that you might be interested in filming. Whether it’s multiple angles or unique lighting requirements, we’ll do everything in our ability to meet your exact expectations. Need help with the planning and design phase? Don’t hesitate to speak with our video production specialists who will be more than happy to provide you with advice on how to conduct your interviews.

Corporate Video Production


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Corporate Video Production
Video Production
Video Production


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Unleash your training's potential with VERAS vast selection of props and backdrops, allowing you to bring your unique style to your online training videos.

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Video Production




At VERAS, we excel at visually bringing your products to life. Our demo videos expertly showcase your product's assembly and functionality, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

Why Our Videos Matter:

  • Simplicity: Simplify product assembly with our user-friendly demo videos, enhancing customer understanding.
  • Market Presence: Tailored for Amazon, e-commerce, and websites, our videos amplify your product's global reach.
  • Quality: Backed by top-notch videography, our videos deliver impactful visuals that captivate your audience.